Project 333

Project 333, Project 333 was one of my first introductions to the idea of a minimal wardrobe, or a capsule wardrobe i read the project guidelines and started going through my.

At the end of september, prior to attending courtney carver’s “tiny wardrobe tour,” i decided to put together a hypothetical project 333 summer capsule. I first started reading about courtney carver’s project 333 right around when i started college a capsule wardrobe should be full of items that you love. In the last week, a good half-dozen readers and a few personal friends alerted me to an interesting event going on in ankeny, iowa (which is a suburb of de. I’ve been doing project 333 for over two weeks now and i have lots of thoughts and experiences to share, but first, i want to show you what i decided to include in. Dressing sharp for one week with only 13 items #capsulewardrobe #menswardrobe #menscapsulewardrobe find this pin and more on project 333 community board by.

About a year ago i decided to do project 333 for the full year and i'm so glad i did it here's a look back and. Love and wear all the clothes in your closet in yesterday’s post about downsizing we gave the suggestion to have your stuff be “curated, culled and contained. Project 333 closet make-under q & a (and why my clothes were so heavy) streamline wardrobe decisions with these 3 simple shifts capsule wardrobe challenge: 5 things.

Project 333 5,117 likes · 58 talking about this 3 months + 33 items = project 333 ~~~~~ documenting my journey of the project 333. More about project 333 and courtney carver's minimalist fashion project after seeing her speak live.

I was not able to finish navy/grey last night, so i'm doing another step-by-step, this time using my own personal 333 this is a thought process that i can describe. The benefits of dressing with less that will inspire you to live with less.

  • For the past 3 ½ years, courtney carver has never kept more than 33 items in her closet and that’s including shoes, jewelry, purses and coats.
  • “a minimalist fashion challenge” for the past two months i’ve been dressing with a wardrobe that includes just 33 items it was a challenge at first, but one.
  • Project 333 our whole family has been talking about taking on project 333 together i purchased courtney’s micro-course on how to dress with less and build a.
  • I'm participating in project 333, a minimalist fashion experiment that can you start you down the path to minimalism and intentional living.

A few months ago while researching the idea of minimalism, i came across project 333 i was intrigued, but not all that interested in trying to pare down my closet. This is a good challenge if you want to downsize your wardrobe with project 333 challenge you commit to 33 pieces of clothes for 3 months.

Project 333
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